Tuesday, May 15, 2012

girl scout cookies

Perhaps this is late in coming, but this was my first year selling girl scout cookies. We wondered and worried at how well our girls would do, and made it our goal to sell 2000 boxes as a troop. Pallets and pallets of cookie boxes later we ended up selling over 7500 boxes as a troop. It was amazing! We worked like crazy and I am so proud of how well Kate did. She really grew so much from that experience and challenge. Our goal was to hit 750 boxes to make it to the free mom and daughter Cali girl trip. We stopped selling after the first two weeks, there are over six weeks in all, and she sold over 900 boxes. What was the most amazing was the confidence that grew in her as she spoke to people, as she knocked on doors, and how she wouldn't quit when she would visualize her goal. Now this Saturday is our big Cali girl day and we can't wait! I can't wait to spend the whole day with her and I am so glad I became a leader so we have these moments to share. Of course, you should ask me about that again next cookie season...

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